It has been many a moon since I was here last…

That makes me a crap blogger.  I can live with that.  But here’s some pics of the trip for your perusal.

Growing up in the country I remember this when I looked up.  Living in the ‘burbs now I don’t get to see it.  But I took this to remind me…
Sunrise at Kintla Lake in Glacier NP
Kintla LakeOur bikes looking at Glacier NP on the road to Polebridge, MTNight time at Henry’s Lake, near Idaho Falls, IDThe Great Prismatic Pool in Yellowstone NPThe welcome sign at the saloon in PolebridgeJust one of (too) many (to count) sights in Glacier NPGlacier NPThe Teton MountainsGlacier NPGlacier NPWe met a fellow ADVRider at Henry’s Lake.  Goes by Marmadookie on

I go by SHIfTHEAD, and my buddy Clay goes by CavScout85, in case y’all ever get over to

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