Deal of the century?

So my brother has been wanting to take a motorcycle trip with me like the one I took last year on my Vstrom with my buddy.  Here, have a look:

Thing is he is a Harley only kind of guy.  Now I love my Harley, a 99 Heritage Softail.  I really do love that bike, but it has it’s place.  And while I will almost definitely take a long trip on it down the road, I knew we were going to be on dirt for several hundred miles.  A Harley doesn’t do dirt well.  And while there are tons of options out there that do dirt well, I wanted him to have an all around bike that accomplishes the same things my Vstrom does.  Namely, it’s uber reliable, it’s relatively cheap, you can get it worked on ANYWHERE, tubeless tires, lots of aftermarket, active forums so I can DIY, a WELL proven design.  Basically I wanted him to have a Vstrom too.

So I have been keeping my eyes peeled.  Then it showed up; a Craigslist add out of Monroe, LA for a 2002 DL1000 for $1500.  Oh man, I’m thinking this thing is going to be ROUGH.  All the bikes I’ve been looking at were $2500 for a totally stock bare bones bike.  Then we’d be looking at at least another grand to get the bike on the road, minimum.  To really kit it out like my DL650 would be more like $2500, and now we are approaching used Super Tenere territory.  No, for this to work (i.e. prevent me from buying an expensive Super Tenere) we needed a cheap Vstrom.  So I cautiously opened the ad…

Well, the windshield looks a bit sun faded, and the left cowling is clearly busted up, but otherwise it looks really clean.  Details are slim and it’s actually in Crosset, AR.  Well I’m from Arkansas and my brother still live there, in Bigelow to be precise.  So I tell him to look at the ad and call the guy.  He obeys and calls me back.  Story is he has the bike through a sequence of events and the title is bonded.  I don’t know what that means but he does because he built a chopper and to get it registered had to get a bonded title.  So we agree he needs to go look at it.  He is off the next Wednesday (6 days away) and will plan on going then.

So I’m footing the bill for this, and I noticed that when I looked at the ad it had been on there 24 days.  I’m thinking, if it’s been on there a month and he still has it, he will definitely bargain.  I also notice he has added another ad for the bike after my brother called, damn.  That means it will come to the top of the list.  But I also noticed he didn’t delete the old ad.  Now for someone like me who uses Craigslist way too much, this is a rookie mistake IMO.  When you have the old ad and the new ad up at the same time you end up with too much info showing up in the results.  So people will see both ads, one being nearly a month old.  They will assume something is wrong OR this ad is a scam and ignore it.  I think this played well in our favor.

My brother makes the trip and has the $1300 in hand I wired him.  He calls me as he is on his way back with it on the trailer.  The report is that the bike is *really* clean, only 10,000 miles or so, and runs and rides well.  Bad tires, but otherwise, no issues.  Damn, we got a DEAL!  Now, it’s time to prep it for the ride this June.  Here’s the requisite pics

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