Maybe if I don’t look

Maybe if I don’t look it will just get better. Wishful thinking on my part, I know. I’ve been digging into the Land Cruiser more and the more I look the worse it seems in many places. The rear driver quarter was hit hard and a body shop cut out the original quarter panel and stitched in a new one. However they didn’t crap work all around it. The metal wasn’t really straightened enough, IMO, but the biggest issue is that they bondo’d onto bare metal.

Bondo is a good product if used properly. Bondo brand filler is not designed to go directly onto bare metal, in my opinion, because it doesn’t seal the metal properly. It’s porous so it allows moisture to eventually get to the metal surface. This allows rust to form and eventually pop the Bondo or just detroy the metal behind the Bondo.

There are good quality fillers out there that can go directly only the metals surface. Even so, I still think you should epoxy prime the metal before applying filler. Nevertheless that didn’t happen here. On top of that there are two access panels in the bottom of the rear of the body that gives you access to the two rear most frame bolts. The panel was left off the drivers side after the repair (it’s invisible anyway). This allowed all the road spray, dirt grime, etc to egress into this rear rocker panel and destroyed that area too. So I will need to rebuild this section as well.

Anyway, I’ll stop typing so I can get back to grinding.

Author: Navin

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