Into the 6th week we go

Progress is steady and not as slow as it seems on the ground. Initially I expected to spend a couple years on the body alone. 5 weeks into the resurrection and I’m making decent progress. To recap, the rear deck between the rearmost frame bolts has been totally reconstructed, the tailgate mended, and now I’m getting the roof back together after cutting it apart to completely fix it.

It’s a HUGE amount of work, but it’s also rather cathartic. Being able to intensely focus on the work at hand is a great escape for me. Also being able to create is quite fun as well. I don’t have replacement body panels, so I am recreating the lines and curves by hand. Something I didn’t know if I could actually do. While I’m not a complete novice to sheet metal work, as I’ve done some on the Fiat restoration, I’ve never attempted anything this severe. But as time goes on, I’m finding I have a bit of a knack for it. And I like the creative outlet it’s providing.

Anyway, since you were here last I’ve been busy. One of the big milestones for the project was the fabrication of a car rotisserie. Being a cheap bastard I decided to try and build one. It was a major pain in the backside to be honest. But now that it’s done I’m glad to still have the $1200 in the bank to spend elsewhere.

Once that was done and operational I moved on to the roof. This is something I’ve been kind of dreading since the start. Since the roof was entirely detached from the body at the rear I was concerned about alignment in the end and about whether or not I could recreate all its curves. As of this writing I’ve got the roof 95% done and am quite pleased with the results. Here’s a few pics of where we are today.

So the project is moving along, slow and steady. Lemme know what you think, I’d love to hear from you!

Author: Navin

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